uVPC windows and doors

We spray all types of uPVC windows and doors and can do them in any colour preference.


Most houses have white as standard, and these can be hard to keep clean and looking fresh. With our specialist paint methods your windows and doors can be revamped to change the whole look of your house, so why invest in new uPVC when we can spray them for you?


All windows and doors are done in place, except openers which will be removed at your home, sprayed onsite in our pop-up gazebo, and then reinstalled to secure a perfect finish. 


We also offer a service of spraying windows or doors which have been newly ordered.  They can be delivered direct to us from the supplier, sprayed at our specialist workshop and redelivered for installation – the perfect way to get your dream colour if it is not offered by the manufacturer!  We can also do this on large scale Commercial projects.

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How it works


We mask all areas that are not intended for spraying, for example the glass, then remove all handles, letter boxes and door furniture, this will ensure no paint is transferred to these areas and full protection is given.

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The most important step in the process!


The windows or doors are prepared by removing all old silicone and sealant, then the process of cleaning, sanding down and finally degreasing to ensure all the paint bonds evenly and thoroughly onto the uPVC. This will deliver a long lasting and resilient finish against all weathers.

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Application & Finish

Finally, using our specialist paint and methods we will spray the uPVC with several coats to achieve the perfect finish. After that we demask the areas, reseal with a colour matched sealant, clean down and leave you with your lovely new windows or doors!

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